Introductory remarks

Ivan Hotel provides hotel and catering services in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions, and the confirmation and specification on the reservation. Hotel Ivan is not liable for circumstances beyond its control, including wars, riots, strikes, natural disasters, epidemics, restrictions by local authorities, etc.


Using material from the website

Materials to relating exclusively for Hotel Ivan – are the exclusive property of Hotel Ivan. Text and graphical elements are under the copyright law and may not be used without the consent of Hotel Ivan. Otherwise it will be legal action against the violator of these rights. Other materials are used solely for the purpose of information and their use does not violate legal requirements. In case of using text and graphic materials with, users are referred to the Contact page where you can request a form through such rights.


Booking and payment

Inquiries and reservations are accepted via our web site, by mail, fax or in person at the front desk of our hotel. Booking an apartment through this Web site, confirms acceptance of these General Terms in their entirety. Everything stated hereafter becomes legally binding both for the customer and the Hotel Ivan. When booking accommodation customers are required to provide the requested information and those information must be ture and valid. All reservations made via the Internet reservation system are considered valid only upon confirmation of reservation by the sales manager of Hotel Ivan. Reservations are confirmed by phone, e-mail or fax. Notification / confirmation of the reservation must be presented at reception on arrival at the hotel.


Tourist tax

In accordance with the regulations governing payment of tax, the customer is required to pay the sojourn tax when paying for their accommodation. The Tourist tax in the Republic of Croatia varies according to the season and your destination. Children under 12 are not paying while children between 12 and 18 years have a 50% discount. Taxes are not included in the final price of the accommodation presented on the website. The amount must be paid upon arrival. The amount of the sojourn tax is clearly indicated on the invoice issued upon arrival, calculation and payment of services.


Prices of services

Service cost represents the amount per person/day or per room/day, as indicated on the price list of services. The price of services includes a buffet breakfast. Additional hotel services are not included in the price and are payable additionally. These services must be requested at time of booking or stay at the hotel. Hotel Ivan reserves the right to change prices at any time.


Service description

Facilities and accommodation comprising the Hotel Ivan are categorized by the authorized bodies of the Croatian Ministry of Tourism in accordance with the applicable legislation.


The right of Hotel Ivan to change reservations and cancel reservations

Hotel Ivan reserves the right at any time change the reservation or description of services, if circumstances arise that are beyond our control, which can not be predicted, avoided or postponed. Confirmed accommodation unit can be exchanged for accommodation of the same or higher category and at the price that was valid at the time of the booking confirmation, with timely customer notification. In cases where substitute accommodation is not available, and the accommodation is paid in advance, Hotel Ivan reserves the right to cancel the reservation and refund the complete amount paid.


Commitments of Hotel Ivan to the customer

The obligation of Hotel Ivan is a constant concern about the quality of the service provided, in accordance with legal regulations, industry standards, and practices in tourism and catering business. Hotel Ivan will seek to fulfill the commitments in full, unless there are circumstances beyond our control.


Commitments of the customer

The client must own and have with them all personal documents required, upon arrival and departure from Hotel Ivan. The client is required to abide the house rules and regulations prescribed for individual accommodation facility of Hotel Ivan. The client is required to check the visa regime between the Croatian and the country of origin, prior the arrival, and check whether it is required to have any additional travel document for his entry and stay in the Republic of Croatia.



Any disagreements will be settled in a manner satisfactory to both parties, and if a solution can not be reached , the arbitration territorially competent court will be accepted.